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"The Only IB Continuum School in Bandung!"


Welcome to the BIS Dragon family!

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.  Helen Keller


The BIS community is fortunate to have a great parent group that supports the school in a number of ways. 

Friends of BIS, or FoBIS is a non-profit group open to all BIS family members. FoBIS is the glue that holds our community of families together.

Our amazing members encourage and support parental involvement in the school, from social projects to community-building events, to fundraising. While staying fully involved in school events can be a challenge, there are huge benefits. Research shows that children with highly involved parents perform significantly better overall.

Some of the ways include helping to organize fantastic and fun events for the students, volunteering to read in class, sharing insights and expertise in your line of work, for example at Future's Day, contributing food and other resources or teaching an ECA. We also partner with business leaders and parents to provide educational field trips and leadership workshops for students. Please contact me or any class representative if you would like to be more involved.

Jessica Lam
FoBIS Chair


FoBIS makes first book donation to school library

A huge thank you goes out to the incredible members of BIS families for their generous donation of library books to our school.

The new books will broaden the horizons of our young readers and inspire a lifelong love for learning.

Their support and commitment to enhancing our students' learning experience will continue to make a significant impact on the resources available in the school.

FoBIS activities & events

Host an event booth

Hosting a booth at a FoBIS event is an opportunity to promote your products and services, make an impression and connect with your customers directly. Our events such as the Halloween Party and the Winter Bazaar attract 100 to 300 students, parents and alumni with diverse interests and profiles. Our partners are in food and beverage, fashion apparel, home and wellness, jewellry, handicrafts, and pet food and supplies. 

It is also a great way for school clubs to raise funds and awareness for your causes and extend your outreach.

Please approach FoBIS if you are interested in participating.

Meet our class representatives

Nursery  Arlene Budiman Indonesia
EC1 Herra Herinda Indonesia
EC2 Jin Young Choi Korea 

Jaspreet Kaur & Revina Basaria (not in picture)

India, Indonesia
Grade 1 Ayu Budiyanti Indonesia
Grade 2 Jessica Lam USA
Grade 3 Rebecca Ficklin USA
Grade 4 Sylvie Sulaiman Indonesia
Grade 5 Jessica Suhartanto Indonesia
Grade 6 Yeajin Shim Korea
Grade 7 Wendy Yap Singapore
Grade 8 Anabella Sindora Indonesia
Grade 9 Maria Kurnia Indonesia
Grade 10 Angie Kipik Germany
Grade 11 Julie Arifin Indonesia
Grade 12 Jeroen Nijsen Netherlands