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Mission, Vision & Values

A school’s mission statement explains openly, to the world, what it values in education. When reviewing our mission, it is clear that we appreciate academic rigor and the importance of developing the whole child socially and emotionally while exhibiting integrity and ethics. BIS students are caring toward their local and global neighbors. They realize they have a responsibility to their community and their world as they demonstrate their international-mindedness.


To nurture individual potential and champion internationally-minded leaders as the school of choice for West Java.


Through engaging IB programmes, we empower inquiring, reflective, and caring lifelong learners to continue striving towards a better world.


A BIS Dragon shows:

1. Courage by willing to make mistakes and try something new.

2. Open-Mindedness by listening to others, inquiring into different perspectives, and celebrating diversity.

3. Balance by appreciating the importance of emotional, intellectual and physical well-being.

4. Integrity through honesty, responsible decision-making, and a sense of respect and justice.

5. Community by cultivating an inclusive, nurturing community of lifelong learners.